The Workpackages

Achieving a new, sustainable and flexible way of producing goods and managing processes, using different technologies.




| WP coordinated by INOV

WP6 aims to achieve a new sustainable and flexible way of producing goods and managing processes, making use of different technologies - Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Physical Systems and Big Data Analytics, using the information generated to increase knowledge about production processes, contributing to their optimization and automation. Two new platforms will be developed: the Interoperability Platform and the Waste Resource Management Platform.

PPS 28 | Interoperability Platform

The Interoperability Platform should be the support for transversal services embracing all the value chain associated with ceramic products manufacturing, handling information from different agents with heterogeneous digital maturity levels.
Technology taker: VIATEL

PPS 29 | Novel transversal services

To be provided through the Interoperability Platform, such as the Digital Product Passport for ceramic products and the ecological footprint.
Technology taker: VIATEL

PPS 30 | Online Waste Resource Centre Platform

Platform to identify potential raw materials within the sub-products generated in a previous steps within value chain.
Technology taker: VIATEL

PPS 31 | Waste Resource Management Services

Services to be provided through the Online Waste Resource Centre Platform regarding exchanging and handling of information on secondary resources and waste to enable faster decision-making and stimulate circular economy.
Technology taker: VIATEL

The use of microservices presents innovation in implementing disintermediation and process automation strategies in Industry 4.0. The innovation lies in the algorithmic models that support the production process of recycled materials and the types of related products.

As interaction with the system evolves, knowledge of production patterns increases, allowing the system to apply predictive methods simplifying the process of creating a list of materials to source and subsequent ordering. Supply and demand matching is another innovation introduced in the proposed logistic model.