The Workpackages

Create a digital training academy, accessible to the entire sector.




| WP coordinated by AIP, CTCV

WP7 will focus on the continuous and advanced training of the active population, supporting the fundamental axes of the Agenda, namely, the re-engineering process, Innovation infusion, Energy Transition, Decarbonisation, Circular Economy, Industrial Symbiosis, and Industrial Design with a focus on Ecodesign, Digital Transition - namely, Additive Manufacturing technologies, BIM Libraries and I4.0 applied to the sector - Continuous and Advanced Training for Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Energy Transition.

PPS 32 | Ceramic and Glass Digital Training Academy

Accessible to the entire sector, through virtual and immersive training learning methods, which recreate the factory environment (manufacturing processes), laboratory, warehouse, simulating situations for problem solving, for the generation of new ideas, analysis and processing of data to support decision making.

The Ceramic and Glass Sectors have a high deficit of qualified and even undifferentiated labor. As a critical current problem that will tend to get worse shortly, it is urgent to find a sustainable mitigation solution. Consumption patterns and technological development will bring a new paradigm in the attraction, qualification, and retention of company assets, a paradigm that drives the development of synergies between the business industries and the scientific and technological system in Portugal.

To overcome the challenge of requalifying and qualifying the sector's workers, we will development 113 training courses, involving 1765 trainees, in alignment with the strategic development axes of the project, such as the energy and digital transition, the circularity of materials and decarbonization.

Approaching academia, entities of the R&D system, technology suppliers, and national and international clients are factors that reinforce companies' competitiveness. Putting knowledge and technology at the service of companies to meet the challenges, is the focus of the 3rd activity of this WP, which aims to create synergies between the various stakeholders, bringing to discussion the best international practices, the best technologies, and the promotion of national ceramics.